Tips For Buying Cake For A Large, Casual Event

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Cake can be a great dessert for a big event. You can easily order a cake, or a few cakes, that are large enough to serve everyone. Plus, you can have the cake decorated in a way that enhances the event's theme. However, when your event is large and casual, there are a few tips to follow in terms of the cake.

1. Consider ordering a small, decorated cake and several sheet cakes.

Specialty, decorated cakes get pretty expensive as they grow larger. For instance, a nicely decorated cake for 200 people will cost much more than a nicely decorated cake for 10. So, when you're having a large, casual event, the best approach is often to order a smaller, decorated cake, plus enough large sheet cakes to serve everyone. Everyone can admire the smaller, decorated cake, and then they can enjoy eating the sheet cakes that taste the same, but cost a lot less. You can serve the decorated cake to the party's VIPs, or even set it aside for later and not serve it at all.

2. Choose two flavors, at most.

When you have a large group, there is an urge to offer lots of options in an attempt to satisfy everyone. But you don't want to go overboard when it comes to the cake. If there are too many cake options, people will just feel overwhelmed, and many will just grab the first cake that comes their way, anyways. Choosing two cake flavors should give you a good balance. There will only be a few people, at most, who don't like either flavor and maybe they would not have eaten cake anyways.

3. Don't over-order.

When ordering the main courses and sides for a party, you generally order a few more servings than you have people. But there's no need to do this with cake. In fact, if pressed, you can feel free to under-order a little. For example, if you're expecting 220 guests, ordering cake for 200 should be just fine. Plenty of people do not eat cake. Plenty of others will only want a little cake, so they'll share a slice with a friend or partner. Plus, while leftover cake is delicious, most people don't really need that much dessert in their lives, so you're better off not having many leftovers.

If you follow the tips above, you should have better luck ordering a custom event cake for your next get-together. 


27 July 2021

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