Important Restaurant Equipment To Buy For A Deli

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Opening a deli in a busy part of town can be a good decision if you have a background in running a restaurant. Your tantalizing menu will attract people who live and work in the area and who are keen on grabbing sandwiches and other fare to eat in your establishment or take with them. For this type of eatery, you'll need a number of pieces of restaurant equipment that will make it easy for your kitchen staff to prepare food and serve your customers. Visit a local restaurant equipment supplier to browse the various types of gear that can be beneficial at your deli. Here are some examples.

Meat Slicer

Every deli has a number of sandwiches on its menu, and many of these sandwiches contain meat. Generally, you won't buy your meat already sliced — instead, you'll slice it fresh when each customer places their order. A meat slicer is an essential piece of equipment to have in your deli. Not only will it allow your staff members to cut meat quickly and in a uniform manner, but it will also allow them to do so safely. You'll want to buy one meat slicer at minimum, and consider buying a second one if you anticipate being busy at peak times of the day.

Deli Case

Another valuable piece of restaurant equipment to have in your deli is a deli case. This is a refrigerated unit that has a glass front, allowing people to look inside and evaluate the contents that you have available to order. It's conventional for a deli to keep several different types of salads in a deli case, and you may also want a separate deli case to hold meat. Deli cases have sliding doors at the back that allow your staff to easily reach in to access the contents.

Deep Fryer

Deep fryers are common in many different types of eateries, and you'll want to consider this piece of equipment for your deli. Even if you have a lot of sandwiches and salads on your menu, there's a good chance that you'll want to serve some deep-fried fare. For example, many deli patrons enjoy hot fries along with their sandwiches. There may be opportunities to use your deep fryer for some sandwich ingredients. For example, if you want to serve sandwiches that feature breaded chicken or veal, you'll want to be able to cook the breaded meat quickly in the deep fryer.

If you're planning on opening a deli, look for restaurant equipment like these. 


4 January 2021

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