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Arranging with a coffee service to have a coffee station in your office or waiting room is a nice way to give your employees and anyone else on the premises a break. However, coffee is just one item you should have at that station. Many coffee services offer additional items that ensure everyone in the building can have something to drink, and you should take advantage of these options. You can also supplement them with purchases outside the coffee service's offerings, but take a look at what the service has first.

Include a Variety of Teas and Bottled Water

Even though this is a coffee service, not everyone drinks coffee. Have some tea and bottled water available for people who can access the coffee service cart that you have set up. Offer a recycling bin next to the cart (or counter, if this is all in an office kitchen) so that those plastic water bottles have a place to go when they're empty. Ask the coffee service what teas they can supply and then branch out. For example, many services offer plain black tea, green tea, and often a mint or peppermint tea; supplement those with teas like ginger or lemon for more variety.

Chicory Coffee Is a Great Alternative

Decaffeinated coffee can still have a tiny bit of caffeine in it, which doesn't make a difference for most people. But for those who are very sensitive to it, that little amount can really hurt. A great caffeine-free alternative to coffee is chicory coffee, the ground roots of a plant that is a popular drink in places like New Orleans. You can find many chicory coffee brands all over the country, however, and ordering them online is a snap. The taste is similar to plain coffee (although definitely not the same), and it shouldn't take long for people to adjust to the taste. There are also herbal chicory blends with different flavors like mint or vanilla, if you find the chicory coffee has become popular among your staff.

Aim for Separate Bags Rather Than a Bulk Package

It's really admirable that companies have tried to move to bulk packaging over the years to cut down on waste, such as getting loose tea in a tin instead of bags or coffee beans in a large bag instead of instant-coffee packets. For the time being, you may want to look at getting more individual servings instead of bulk servings. This might not be possible with bags of coffee beans, but you can find all sorts of tea in bags and even individual bags of some chicory coffee blends.

No matter how normal things may seem on the surface given the pandemic and different reopenings in different states, going with individually wrapped servings instead of a bulk pack, the contents of which get exposed to several people, is the safer choice.

Your employees, customers, clients, and anyone else visiting the building will appreciate the hospitality you show by having drinks available. When you offer a variety, more people can have something, leading to a happier environment.

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18 June 2020

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