Hold The Mayo? 3 Tips For Corporate Catering For Allergy-Riddled Offices

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It's always fun when office events include a meal for their hardworking employees, but in a modern world with a greater knowledge (not to mention greater acceptance) of food allergies, it can be hard to plan out catering that can not only please everyone but also avoids sending anyone running for an EpiPen. 

So how do you plan out the office luncheon of every workers' dreams without causing a lot of hassle to everyone involved? If you're looking for three ideas for catering for allergy-riddled offices, then here's what you need to know.

Sandwich It Up

There's a reason that most cultures have some type of food that resembles a sandwich; they're infinitely customizable, portable, and can still fill you up. Sandwiches, especially from companies that let you customize your sandwiches in advance and then deliver on the day, can deal with most allergies, let alone preferences. Gluten-free workers can indulge in a lettuce wrap; vegans can opt for veggie subs, and no one has to worry about any milk allergies. A caterer, like Uncle Bub's BBQ, Catering & More, can help.

Component Parts

A great way to avoid making food inedible for those with any food allergies is to think of foods and restaurants that avoid mixing ingredients into things and instead present a dish in its component parts — such as tacos and burritos, for example. Allowing each employee to choose their type of meat (avoiding pork for those who keep Kosher, for example), beans, rice, cheese, and heat level, and wrapping it up in a tortilla is a great way to get delicious meals without cross-contamination.

These even work for gluten allergies, which can use corn tortillas, milk allergies, who can avoid cheese, and nuts — some of the most common allergies out there.

Bring Your Own Dish

This option does ask a bit of your employees, but it also works wonders in guaranteeing that everyone has at least one thing that they can eat. If you hold your office meal as a sort of potluck, with each employee bringing in a smaller amount of food to share, there's a better than average chance that each person will bring in something that they, personally, are able to consume.

While it's perhaps not the option to impress new investors or to sponsor local businesses, a potluck does have the advantage of exposing coworkers to foods from different backgrounds, not to mention that, worst case scenario, everyone can eat the lunch they brought.


2 March 2018

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