4 Benefits Of Grilling Your Food On Wood Planks

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Grilling is a very popular form of cooking, and using wood planks to hold food while grilling is becoming increasingly popular. There are many varieties of wood planks that can be used for grilling, such as cedar, maple, cherry wood, hickory, and oak, and these planks can be purchased in many stores as well as online. Some of the benefits of cooking on cherry wood planks include:

Delicious Smoky Flavor

One of the biggest benefits of grilling food on wood planks is the fact that the wood gives the food a delicious and noticeable smoky flavor. A smoker or a smoke box can also be used to give food a smoky flavor, but using these things often takes much longer and can be a bit of a hassle. Grilling on wood planks is the easiest way to impart a smoky flavor into your food.

Meat Stays Moist

While grilled food usually tastes delicious, one downfall of this type of cooking method is the fact that meat can become dried out if it is cooked too long or is placed over a flame that is too hot. Before grilling wood planks are soaked in water to prevent them from catching on fire; the wet wood helps keep the meat cooking on top of it moist during the cooking process which can drastically improve the final results. Using wood planks while grilling can also be very beneficial for a beginner griller who is still learning about cooking times over an open flame.

Food Doesn't Fall Apart

There is nothing worse than grilling a delicate piece of fish only to have it fall apart when you try to take it off the grill. Or having a burger or chicken breast stick to the grill grates. When you grill with wood planks, you won't have to worry about your food falling apart or sticking to the grates. Wood planks are also great for grilling vegetables that are prone to falling through the grates when you're trying to grill them.

Easy Clean Up

Using wood planks when you grill makes clean up incredibly easy. Since food is not coming in direct contact with the grill grates, there will not be any food particles, grease, or fat that needs to cleaned after the food is cooked. If you use inexpensive wood planks for grilling, you may opt to throw them away after you use them. Some people who use thick, high-quality wood planks choose to clean them with hot water and then reuse them several times. 


21 January 2018

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