Planning The Food For Your Wedding Reception And Rehearsal Dinner

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There is so much to do when you start to plan a wedding and choosing the menu for your reception adds one more thing to consider. Choosing a caterer is as important as the rest of the plans. If the food is not good, people will remember it so take the time to research a little before you hire someone to handle the catering.

Finding the Right Caterer

When you get ready to start looking at caterers, go visit some that you might want to work with. Talk to them about other weddings they have handled in the past and what those menus where. You need to find a caterer that will be able to provide the menu you want at a cost that is reasonable for the service. You may also want to consider having the same company cater the rehearsal dinner so ask if they do that or not. Not all caterers do but it can take a lot of stress off you and your wedding party. If you can keep all the food with one caterer it makes life a little easier for you.

Planning the Menu

There are some traditional menus that most caterers will offer but your wedding reception meal can be anything you want it to be. Sit down with the caterer and go over what you want and see what they can do it for. The cost might be a little higher than if you went with the traditional dishes but you will have to weigh out the cost versus the originality of the meal. It might also depend greatly on the size of your wedding. A small wedding is better suited to very special, high-end dishes, whereas a large wedding is more often going to have you choose the more traditional and cost-effective meals.

Catering The Rehearsal Dinner

Because the wedding party and families are the only ones at the rehearsal dinner, the menu is going to be much more flexible. The caterer may have some suggestions here as well so hear them out and see what might work. If you have a special dish you want to be served, let the caterer know so they can plan ahead and get what they need for that meal. Sometimes it is fun to make a meal of peoples favorites or maybe a dish you shared with your fiance' that has some significance in your journey together. You can do whatever you like with the dinner and if you can make it fun for those attending, it is a great way to start the celebration off right.


17 January 2018

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